Christmas Blog

Christmas time is my favourite time of year. A time for new beginnings, reconciliation and hope. A time where we reflect on the year that’s passed and usually hope that the new year brings better things. As the oldest of four children I felt privileged that I had my beautiful parents longer than my siblings […]

Don’t Go Back, Go Forward

Hi everyone hope you’re having a good July. As promised a little funny story with a motto for all you intuitive types. Having had Norman by my side forever I sometimes fail to listen or listen but fail to ‘get the message’. People, in my experience, listen but don’t hear and I’m one of them. […]

Welcome To My Lovely New Website!

It has been a funny old 6 months for most of us. Cosmically, change has been on the cards and hopefully for most of you the dross and bad period of unsettlement is finally over. Personally I have had lots of change and as this new era begins I feel excited. A lot of us […]

Julie’s 2016 New Year Blog

Happy New Year everyone hope you all had a lovely Christmas and shared some happy family time. I was extremely glad to see the end of 2015. It has been a difficult 3 years really and I am sure that this is a cosmic occurrence because lots of people that I have spoken to this […]

Make Your Memories Good Ones

Hi everyone so I suppose this week you feel like me and the rest of the world – Christmas was ages away. We’re all back at work convincing ourselves that we like being “back to normal”. I had the best Christmas I’d had for a long time, mostly because it was spent with my lovely […]

My Thoughts For The New Year

Happy New Year everybody. I’m not good at making New Year resolutions. I don’t always keep the; must go to the gym or must eat healthy type of promises. I think I do what most do and try my best to be a better person. 2014 was another manic work year and I thank you […]