About Me

Julie Savage Psychic Medium

I have had this wonderful gift since the age of 5 and have shared it with others for the past 40 years. In October 2005 I opened a small gift shop, Gifted, along with my daughter Rebecca and spent most of my days in a room which later became christened ‘Spooky’s Cupboard’. It didn’t take long for the word to spread and people started to travel from all over the country to have readings with me. In 2008 we closed the doors to our little spooky shop in Billingham for the very last time to open a new chapter, Gifted and Blessed. A holistic centre giving like minded souls the opportunity to join us on our path. Over the years I have met some amazing and inspirational people and am thrilled to be able to spend most days sharing my gift with them.

In 2014 I had my first book ‘Norman & Me’ published. This tells the story of what it was like for me to be a strange little girl in a normal family. I am currently working on my second book and hope to have it finished this year. I run training circles, awareness courses and retreats throughout the year as well as still trying to fit in as many private readings as possible.

Being psychic, for me was never an option more a pre destined path that I limp along endeavouring to be the best I can. I love people. I am a people person working in a people industry and no two days are the same. I am reliably informed that the next part of my journey will be the best part and I can’t wait to share my future experiences with you.

Love and Light