My Thoughts For The New Year

Happy New Year everybody. I’m not good at making New Year resolutions. I don’t always keep the; must go to the gym or must eat healthy type of promises. I think I do what most do and try my best to be a better person. 2014 was another manic work year and I thank you all for your kind comments and positive feedback these things really help motivate me. After meditating I am advised to try my best and keep on tuning in. 2015 promises (cosmically) to be a great year. The spring equinox brings with it lots of new energy for us psychically minded people. The eclipse in March is meant to clear our channels of attunement and increase our ability so bring it on. I will endeavour to finish my second book and hope it is as popular as “Norman and Me”. Norman informs me that in order to be happy and successful we need a solid foundation;- the people in our life should be strong corner stones, hence our base will be strong. I genuinely feel that it is the people that we love who influence most aspects of us and if those people love us then they will make allowances for our mistakes and help us up if we stumble. If the parents or grandparents that we have lost have been a big influence in our lives then we should strive to be like them or do things that will make them proud. I never make a major decision without thinking about what “they” would think or say. Spiritually you should look for indicators or signs to help you. Norman assures me that our loved ones often throw down breadcrumbs that will keep us on the right path or lead us to a new one. When you look for guidance the path is always shown. Remember also not to be too hard on yourself. Do we sometimes make our New Year resolutions because we feel that we should try harder. We are all just learning as we go. If you open yourself up to guidance thru meditation then it comes. Meditation takes us away from the mad marketplace that we live in and takes us to our thinking space. Over Christmas I actually watched Television and one of the adverts I heard a lot featured the song “make someone happy, then you will be happy too”. I think there is a profound message for us all. I am going to try every day to make someone happy. If I do then my day has not been wasted. Finally after all this heavy reflective stuff (can you tell I have just meditated). You owe it to yourself to be the best you that you can be. Don’t strive to be s second rate someone, i.e. Buy into the celebrity culture. Rather than be a second rate celeb be a first class you. You are far more interesting. Look after yourself and hopefully I will see some of you in the following year. I look forward to my work and feel privileged to be part of your family for the time that I spend with you and the lovely people that you have lost (for a while). I will be blogging more often so watch this space. I am off now to practice my gratefulness. I have a lot to be thankful for so that will probably see me busy till lunchtime. Thought for the day……. Your children are your best investment.

Peace and love