Don’t Go Back, Go Forward

Hi everyone hope you’re having a good July. As promised a little funny story with a motto for all you intuitive types. Having had Norman by my side forever I sometimes fail to listen or listen but fail to ‘get the message’. People, in my experience, listen but don’t hear and I’m one of them.

It was a sunny day and I was off work and decided to visit Rebecca and my grandchildren for a catch up. Those of you who know me personally will know that I never leave the house without my makeup. I look pretty scary without it! So after my morning meditation I’m in the mirror applying the war paint. Clumsy as ever I dropped my blusher and watched with horror as it spread like talcum powder all over my cream bedroom carpet. I was gutted ‘I loved that blusher’ I thought, even though I’d had it for ages. ‘I wonder where I got it from’ I pondered. “Bodyshop” Norman said. ‘No it wasn’t’ I thought. Having worked in cosmetics for years I knew it definitely wasn’t a Bodyshop product. I quickly cleaned it up and left for Rebecca’s.

Driving along the A19 and all of a sudden a green carrier bag hit my windscreen and shocked the life out of me – it was a Bodyshop bag. As always when I get a fright the surge of adrenaline seems to bring Norman with it. ‘What the hell was that” I said out loud. “Bodyshop” Norman said for the second time in an hour. I presumed he was talking about the blusher. I tutted and thought that seeing as though he was there I’d get some words of wisdom from him. When I asked him for some he told me “you never listen”, ” yes I do” I protested. He shrugged and said “okay then, thought for the day; don’t go back go forwards”. I tutted and told him that I seldom go back to anything and considered myself a going forwards type of girl. He shook his head and repeated the message – “don’t go back go forwards” then promptly left me.

I had a lovely morning with Rebecca and the children and, as always, when I left the house they all stood on the door step and waved their goodbyes. I had only just bought my new car and they were enthusing about it. I got into the car and then did the strangest thing. I reversed into the lamppost outside of the house. Rebecca’s face was a picture – “Mam, what have you done”? I couldn’t explain why I’d done it, total lack of concentration I suppose. I got out of the car surveyed the damage and made my way home feeling a little less brighter than I had earlier. Nearly home and Norman (wisdom) returned. “Told you” he said, I asked him what on earth he meant. “I told you not to back go forward and you didn’t listen, you went right back into that lamppost”. I was fuming. Needless to say the car ended up in the BODYSHOP!!!!!!

Sometimes when we receive our indicators or messages they are given to us literally. Our guides are always clear on what they say but we are not always clear on what we hear. Nowadays I try to listen carefully to what I hear and am more open to the indicators In life that all of us receive to help us on a daily basis.

If you are trying to do something that is proving difficult i.e. booking a holiday or making an online purchase and it’s not going swimmingly then trust that perhaps a greater power is trying to stop you. It may well be that delaying your transaction might benefit you. I once tried all afternoon to book an online holiday to no avail. I tried two days later and got the same holiday £200 cheaper. Trust that you are guided. Look out for divine guidance – its out there.

Love and light. X