Welcome To My Lovely New Website!

It has been a funny old 6 months for most of us. Cosmically, change has been on the cards and hopefully for most of you the dross and bad period of unsettlement is finally over. Personally I have had lots of change and as this new era begins I feel excited. A lot of us do feel that we are neither at the ‘park or the pictures’ at the moment when we are merely at the railway station in life waiting for our next journey.
Those of you that have had emotional and physical challenge this first half of 2016 can only believe that what hasn’t killed you has made you stronger.

From this week I am leaving my little Spooky cupboard and am going to be focussing on my next book. If you enjoyed Norman and Me then I am sure the sequel will be as entertaining. It’s a funny old life being like me and I endeavour to go to bed each night wiser than I woke up.

I’ve had two very significant messages this last week. The first was from Norman who informed me that to observe rather than absorb situations is better for us. Let me expand on that; us sentient people tend to be very affected by whatever is happening around us. We are not very effectual for others if we absorb what we see when the people we care about are sad – absorbing their sadness won’t help them or us. It is far better to observe the situation but stay strong and then mentally we are better prepared to help.

The second little gem came from a friend of mine who told me about the plumbing analogy. She said that in life there are Radiators and Drains. Radiators radiate positivity, warmth and happiness. Drains drain us with their negativity and unhappiness. Endeavour to be a radiator and avoid, at all costs, the drains.

Years ago at spiritualist church there was a saying – “Like attracts like” and it’s true. Nasty people usually form friendships with other nasties. Positive people don’t just attract positive people but positive events too!

This is all very deep and thought provoking but so true.
Stay positive – the real test is to remain a radiator and watch the drains get blocked. Observe them but don’t absorb their negativity.

I promise a funny story next week!
Love and Light
Julie X