Julie’s 2016 New Year Blog

Happy New Year everyone hope you all had a lovely Christmas and shared some happy family time.
I was extremely glad to see the end of 2015. It has been a difficult 3 years really and I am sure that this is a cosmic occurrence because lots of people that I have spoken to this year have experienced difficulties too. Norman told me in 2010 that this 3 year patch was imminent – his advice was to just ride it out and make the best of things. Needless to say I booted out 2015 with a big glass of Sherry and welcomed the new year in with gusto.
In my new year meditations I asked what I could do to make sure that the next period (of 3 years) could be best approached and have it on good authority that by being positive we will attract positive opportunity, by being kind we will draw good luck and prosperity and to grasp all opportunities with both hands and go for it. After all a huge chasm cannot be crossed in two steps. Take a leap of faith and ‘go for it’.
This next year I will be making lots of changes – positive ones. My diary is full up until July 1st and after fulfilling my duty to the cupboard I am going to take some time off to finish my 2nd book. “Norman and me” has done so well and I am ready to finish the next book – the second instalment of my life. I will still be giving audiences and private readings so those of you who want to book will be able to do so via my page ( details will follow soon ).
I have been asked many times what inspires me and I have to say that aside from Norman, all the lovely people I read for on a daily basis really are the drive I need. You suffer yet still love, fall but still get up and I am honoured to be party to the university of life that I attend every working day. Keep all your furs diamonds and money, heaven is a simple beautiful place where the cuddle of a loved one is priceless. I am so lucky and I hope to take you with me on the next part of this spiritual journey you probably don’t realise how grounded you all keep me. Love and blessings. Spooky Julie Xx